New Tube!

I asked my middle-school children a question this morning as I was driving them to school – “Do you know why some people call televisions “tubes”?” They responded that they did not, after which my husband and I started enlightening them on the wonderful, albeit ancient, world of the tubed television.

DNATubeWell, my post today has nothing to do with THAT tube, except for the probability that the sites originally got their names from the same place. You’ve seen and heard of YouTube, then there was TeacherTube — now there is DNATube! Yes, for you fellow science teachers, there IS a tube for us!

It is a scientific video site where scientists are encouraged to upload their videos. There are lectures, experiments, animations . . . you name it! Some of the offerings are very high-brow in their explanations, but the graphics are up-to-date and could be a very interesting addition to your own science lessons. I haven’t spent a lot of time there, but I think it is well work bookmarking and using as a resource. If you have any success doing so, or if you just want to highlight a particularly good resource from the site, comment here!


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