WoW 2.0 show review

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you DEN members that showed their support last night in the EdTechTalk chat room while the WoW 2.0 Show was going on last night. As Anne Truger (SL Council and good friend) can tell you, I was a basket of nerves leading up to the show. I think it started about 8pm. I don’t handle waiting very well. We chatted, finished a scrabulous game on Facebook up till it was time for her to get her kids going on their homework. And then I waited some more.

When it came time, the four ladies of the WoW show made it wonderfully easy for me to open up and share my tech. experiences from a support perspective. For those that were unable to make it last night you can catch the show here in podcast form, as well as downloading the chat from

I will be getting on here and posting some more about the upcoming FETC Conference later this week. Thanks again for all your support last night. It made it SOO much easier to do.



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  1. Marie Coleman said:

    Hi Tom,
    Sorry I missed your “live” WOW show – the recording and chat were great!! See you at FETC, I hope!

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