Blogging is GREAT in 2008!

As we all start a new year, let’s recall the saying “Out with the Old and in with the New”!  I’m sure a lot of you have already started with the mind set of getting things around the house in order or maybe even looking for a “new” you.  What about getting rid of those “old” lesson plans and adding some “new” ideas to them.   Maybe you want to have students do more than just an “old ” book report….try turning it into a book talk podcast.  Once the podcast is complete, you can link it to your school website so students and parents can log on and listen.   Maybe you want to add a little music to a project.  Checkout this great project and location of music  in 366 Days of Music.

Let’s keep on sharing and learning together.


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  1. Becky Hart said:

    OOPs the link isn’t working and I so want to hear it! It is great to see how many of Arkansas media specialists have begun to use Podcasting tools!

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