Orange County Choppers E85 Bike

OCC E85 Bike 

Speaking of Discovery Channel shows, I had the opportunity to see the E85 chopper made from the Teutul’s from the Discovery show Orange County Choppers as it toured the state. There is some information below I found from about the bike and why it was created along with some other informational sites. If you have time the episode is on every once in a while on the Discovery Channel. It may be a good show to use in environmental science classes or any classes dealing with science and technology.

In an effort to promote Iowa’s role in renewable energy, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation launched a campaign called ‘Join the Ride Iowa’. The campaign toured the state throughout the summer and will support renewable energy resources such as wind, biomass, and biodiesel. ‘Join the Ride Iowa’ focuses primarily on educating Iowans about the important role that agriculture plays in renewable energy. At the opening of a new E85 pump at the Kum & Go in Grinnell, the campaign offerred Iowans the opportunity to win a custom-made ‘Renewable Energy Chopper’. The Iowa Farm Bureau commissioned Orange County Choppers of ‘American Chopper’ fame to build the nation’s first motorcycle that will run on E85. Although only one lucky raffle ticket holder won the chopper, other tickets purchases supported the American Lung Association of Iowa’s ‘Clean Air Choice’ program.


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