It's a Wrap – Presenting in SL

One of the aspects that makes Second life a valuable tool for educators is the ability to collaborate and share with others.  Presentations can cover a wide range of topics, from how to motivate a reluctant reader to how to use portfolios to tips for teaching fractions.  

Beth Kohnke and JuliaAnn Mills did a fabulous job on ‘Presenting in SL’, the Wednesday Workshop held on January 9th.  The workshop began in the SandBox where our Island Manager, Fleet (a great, wonderful, supportive, individual), had set up some rows of theater style lounge seating.  We quickly filled up and I dragged some cushions out of my Inventory to accommodate the additional attendees.  (Note: Having a partner while presenting helps facilitate the logistics (addressing chat questions, setting up additional seating, etc.).  In preparing your in-world presentation you will need to first think about what you need — slides, movies, or handouts which are called notecards in Second Life.  Second, you need to decide if you will use chat (text), voice, or a combination of both.  If you choose to use voice, it is a good idea to let people know ahead of time that you are using voice so they can enable voice in their preferences.  If you decide to use chat you may want to use a SpeakEasy HUD where you can type in your presentation line-by-line.  As the presenter, you ‘wear’ this HUD and as you are ready to present you click on the icon and the first line of your presentation appears.  Click again and the next line appears and so forth. 

Once you have decided to present and your presentation is designed you’ll need to promote your presentation via social networks (Twitter, blogs, Ning, etc.). 

Plan for time – 15 minutes prior and up to ½ hour afterwards to address any questions 

One tool to be used for presentations is a Communal Whiteboard which allows you to present a slideshow (ala PowerPoint/Keynote).  You upload your slides as jpegs (cost of L$10 per image) and they are saved in your Textures folder in your Inventory.  NOTE:  You’ll want to name your slides numerically or alphabetically to allow for easy ordering in the whiteboard. 

The workshop then moved to DEN in SL HQs.  Attendees teleported to the 2nd floor of DEN to view the Media Player (I in the meantime was still attempting to get a decent group shot, got myself ‘stuck’ in a wall and by the time I got out everyone was gone from the SandBox.  I had a fleeting moment of panic as I imagined that SL had crashed on us! LOL).  This part of the workshop focused on using the Media Player as another option for sharing information in-world. 

You can see the full transcript of the workshop in the ^Files^ area of the Google Group. 


Remember, we encourage you to contribute to DEN in SL – please consider offering a workshop in the near future.  And remember, we’re here for you and will assist you in any way we can. 


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