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I hope that you all are having a good year. I am not sure how many of you get LPB information from Ellen Wydra, Ph.D.,

Director of Educational Television and Technology, so I am copying this useful information for you all. Enjoy…Karrie

See below for the copy info…


1) LPB will be broadcasting the inauguration of Bobby Jindal live on January 14th from 11AM to 1PM on all LPB channels: KLTM-Monroe, TV 13; KLTS-Shreveport, TV 24; KLPB-Lafayette, TV 24; KLTL-Lake Charles, TV 18; KLPA-Alexandria-TV 25; WLPB-Baton Rouge, TV 27; and WLAE in New Orleans. Check the cable numbers for these channels in your area. The event will also be streamed live at www.lpb.org/education/inauguration.cfm. After the event, the video will be available online on-demand.

Also at www.lpb.org/education/inauguration.cfm you will also find a quiz that you might want to use with your students to test their knowledge of past governors. You will also find information on the gubernatorial appointees in the new administration to help your students learn about the new leaders in state government.

2) The Complete Jane Austen series begins this Sunday, January 13th at 8 PM. You might want to pour a cup of tea, nibble a scone, and settle back to enjoy the series:

Persuasion – January 13

Northanger Abbey– January 20

Mansfield Park –January 27

Miss Austen Regrets – February 3

Pride and Prejudice – February 10-24

Emma – March 23

Sense and Sensibility – March 30 & April 6

An online teacher’s guide and a Raisin Drop Scone recipe are available at www.lpb.org/education/screen.cfm. If you try the raisin drop scone recipe, let me know how you like it!

3) LPB, Barnes and Noble, and the LSU Dickens Project at LSU are co-sponsoring “An Evening with Jane Austen,” a series of Jane Austen video and literature discussion groups that will meet at selected Barnes and Noble locations in the state. The groups will be facilitated by LSU professors of 19th century literature who are also part of the prestigious the Dickens Project at LSU. The discussions are free and open to everyone. The schedule and facilitators are:

o January 29th, (Tuesday), 7 PM, at the Baton Rouge Barnes and Noble Corporate Woods (on Citiplace Boulevard), Drs. Elsie Michie and Sharon Weltman will lead the discussion of Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park.

o February 27th, (Wednesday), 7 PM, at the Lafayette Barnes and Noble, Drs. Elsie Michie and Dan Novak will lead the discussion of Pride and Prejudice.

o March 25th, (Tuesday), 7 PM, at the Shreveport Barnes and Noble, Drs. Dan Novak and Elsie Michie will lead the discussion of Emma.

o April 8th, (Tuesday), 7 PM, at the Baton Rouge Barnes and Noble Corporate Woods (on Citiplace Boulevard), Dr. Sharon Weltman and Dan Mangiavellano, LSU PhD candidate, will lead the discussion of Sense and Sensibility.

4) If you love 19th century literature, you might be interested in participating in the Dickens Universe. Held every year at the beginning of August on the beautiful University of California Santa Cruz campus, the Dickens Universe brings together scholars, graduate students, high school teachers, and members of the general public for a week of study and “Dickensian conviviality.”

For more information about The Dickens Project at LSU, contact Professor Sharon Weltman, enwelt@lsu.edu, or read about it at www.english.lsu.edu/artsci/englishweb.nsf/$Content/Organizations+and+Programs/$file/DickensProject.htm. To explore the Dickens Universe yourself, check out http://dickens.ucsc.edu/.

5) Barnes and Noble Corporate Woods on CitiPlace Boulevard is having an Educator Appreciation Week from January 19th -27th. All K-12 educators will receive a 10% discount on CDs and DVDs and a 25% discount on all other purchases at any Barnes and Nobles location in the state. All schools are also eligible for Institutional Discounts of up to 25% savings with free delivery on all school purchases.

Your school also might be interested in the fundraising potential offered through the Barnes & Noble Corporate Woods Fundraisers & Bookfairs through which your school can earn up to 25% of Barnes and Noble sales designated for your school. For further information contact Abbye Hannie or Janice Sommerville at 225.926.2600 or email crm2837@bn.com.

Barnes and Noble is involved in other community events, too. To see more about their contributions to the community go to:


6) We have limited space for more participants in a free Play Safe! Be Safe! fire safety workshop to be held here at LPB on Thursday January 24th from 8 AM to Noon. Workshop participants will receive a free fire safety kit that includes videos and games to be used in teaching fire safety to children ages 3 to 5. To register or for more information contact Lenora Brown at lbrown@lpb.org.

7) In case you would like some time to think about a service-learning project, here is a little advanced notice. In late February the Office of Lieutenant Governor, Louisiana Serve Commission, which administers the Learn and Serve K-12 school-based programs through an interagency agreement with the Louisiana Department of Education, will be releasing the 2008-2009 grant application for Service-learning programs. K-12 public school teachers, schools, and school districts may apply for funding through a competitive grant application process that is conducted twice a year. Through these grants community needs and students academic needs can be met while also meeting the Department of Education’s required standards, benchmarks, and grade level expectations (GLEs).

Here are two examples of funded projects. A group of New Orleans students with low math and science scores helped restore a neighborhood park devastated by the flood. In the process the students learned about plants and used math skills to budget plant purchases and space plantings. Another group of students with low English language art (ELA)skills collected oral histories of nursing home residents, who typically experience isolation. The students then composed, edited and distributed the histories they had collected. The residents benefited from interacting with the students and the students developed their ELA skills.

During the 2007-08 school year approximately 3,400 K-12 students in Louisiana will be actively involved in service-learning projects funded by these grant. When the 2008-09 grant application is released in February it will be posted at http://www.crt.state.la.us/laserve/forms.aspx. For more information, call the Louisiana Serve Commission at (225) 342-2038.

8) Parkview Baptist Middle School teacher Bentley Brown’s eighth grade World War II History class was the winner of LPB’s The War Multimedia Contest. The students who created the entry were Matt Smith, Tyler Waguespack, Blake Beddingfield and Cade McKernan. The winning video centered on the story of Tyler’s grandfather Aswell Joseph “Jack” Waguespack who served on the U.S.S. Quincy in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He survived the sinking of the New Orleans Class Cruiser off the coast of the Solomon Islands in 1942 and later served on the U.S.S. Santa Fe. The students and their classmates received a pizza party, LPB T-shirts and a gift card to the Mall of Louisiana while their teacher received a DVD copy of The War series and a copy of LPB’s documentary Louisiana World War II Stories.

9) If you love Antiques Road Show you may want to watch Louisiana Antiques Treasures that premieres on Monday, January 21st at 8 PM on all LPB channels. An encore showing will be on Sunday, January 27 at 5 PM. Hosted by Secretary of State Jay Dardenne, the show uncovers some intriguing objects like a signed lithograph of Abraham Lincoln and an African American boarding house ledger signed by Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Cab Calloway and many others. The treasures will be exhibited at the State Archives Building at 3851 Essen Lane from January 21st through February 13th, Monday through Friday from 8 AM-4:30 PM, Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM and Sundays from 1 PM to 5PM.

10) If you are interested in how a home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina can be restored, you may want to watch The This Old House Hour. A 10-episode restoration of an 1892 Creole-style shotgun home in the neighborhood of Holy Cross in the Lower Ninth Ward begins on Thursday, January 24th at 7 PM on all LPB channels. In the first episode the host, Kevin O’Connor, visits the Musician’s Village with New Orleans singer Harry Connick, Jr. to show how he and childhood friend Branford Marsalis are providing new houses for the city’s musicians who were displaced by the storm. The series can also be seen Saturdays at 3 PM on LPB.

I hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy some of these events.


Ellen Wydra, Ph.D.

Director, Educational Television and Technology

Louisiana Public Broadcasting


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