Education Event of the Year! (So Far)

I know you have already marked your calendar for the Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference on February 2.  I know you are salivating waiting to hear the particulars.  Well, here is the good news!

Tennessee will host a “Live” conference at Lake Forest Middle School in Cleveland, TN from 9 AM to 2 PM.  Lunch is included.  We will join the Virtual Conference for the two keynote sessions.  Between those sessions, we will offer “Live” workshops in the computer labs.  The “Live” workshops will be listed in a later post.  For now, here is the line-up of sessions online:


“Lost in Translation” presented by Lance Rougeux (9 to 10 AM EST) – How many of your students are bilingual? An easy way to find out is through a simple math formula.  Take the number of students in your classroom and multiply it by one.  There’s your formula.  All students today are bilingual and d 4n tongue dey knO so weL L%kz fune & cn b kind of hard 2 rED, @ lEst 4 adults.  So how do we meet the needs of our students when we’re the second language learners in the classroom?  In this kickoff session, we’ll take a look at ways we can use media and other technologies to help us get up to speed and speaking their language.

“Revenge of the Digital Immigrants: Teaching with Media Technology” presented by Hall Davidson (12 to 1 PM EST) What veteran teachers suspected, the research has finally proved: 21st Century students are different.  With different attention spans, higher IQ test scores, and social networks, their sophistication comes earlier – with a different skill set.  There is a silver lining: We can teach this “New Brain” more effectively, more efficiently, and more engagingly.  We have the technology!  Media has evolved and education must evolve to match.

OTHER ONLINE SESSIONS (Times to be Announced)

“Web 2.0: Building a Bigger Builder” presented by Matt Monjan – When teachers embraced Discovery Education streaming, they found a wealth of resources including “The Builders” (Assignment, Quiz, and Writing Prompt builders).  And now, with Web 2.0 applications, “we have the technology to rebuild the builders” (thank you Six Million Dollar Man).  During this session we’ll explore three Web 2.0 applications: Slideshare, VoiceThread, and TeacherTube, and how they can be incorporated into the DE streaming Builders.  Now, armed with this knowledge, you will return to your classroom with new cyber tools for the 21st Century.

“The Bionic Lesson: Revitalized, Redesigned, Rebuilt” presented by Mike Bryant – The pieces you know about: Flickr, GoogleEarth, GoogleDocs, VoiceThread, Discovery Education streaming, Slideshare, wikis, digital stories and cell phones integrated into your rebuilt lesson.  You have the ability to transform our standards driven lessons with the above web and hardware technologies.  Model lessons will be discussed and improved by connecting the above pieces and your collaboration.

“50 Ways to Spin a Digital Story” presented by Steve Dembo – An in-depth overview fo the digital media available in Discovery Education streaming and 50 different ways to tell digital stories using it.  DE streaming provides your classroom access to thousands of videos, images, and audio clips.  Learn how to integrate them into cutting edge Web 2.0 sites to make your students’ digital stories come alive!

Remember, these are the online sessions.  We will participate in the two Keynotes at the Lake Forest site.  If you cannot attend the “Live” sessions, you can log on from home and see all of the above virtual sessions.  Please register at this page.  We can take the first 30 registrants at the “Live” event.  Watch this post for more information!


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