It's a Wrap – DEN in SL Webinar

Yes, ladies and gents!  The DEN in SL presented their FIRST webinar and if I might (humbly) say so myself — I think we did a great job.  We had a wonderful turnout, the LC council easily shared the mic (never thought that would happen! LOL) while Riptide managed the PowerPoint presentation.  I understand that there will be a transcript (recording?) of the event and as soon as I know, I’ll let you know where you can find it.  After the event, we met in-world at the DEN in SL headquarters for some socializing and some hands-on help.  I took Colemama Snook on a QUICK freebie shopping trip and replaced her newbie hair with something a little more becoming and managed to get her outfitted in some cool lilac sneakers to replace those newbie flip-flops.  She also learned how to open a box and copy its content to her inventory and how to put on a bald hair base so her hair will sit correctly on her head.  Yes, all in all a very productive evening!  Make sure to check out the Google Groups (and join if you haven’t yet) at


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