It's a Wrap – Gimme a Topic

Another Wednesday, another great ‘workshop’ at DEN in SL.  Tonight’s topic, facilitated by Celestia, was ‘Gimme a Topic’.  I loved the look of the DEN lobby where Cel had set up a seating arrangement comprised of all different types of chairs to represented the diversity in the DEN and the diversity in the topics we’re looking to offer.  This was a relaxed, informal gathering where the group had the opportunity to share the types of topics and events they would like to see the DEN in SL offer.  The attendees (particiapants? DENizens?) had some REALLY, REALLY great ideas.  No, I’m not going to share what was brought up…’cause we want to hear what YOU think…  That’s right!  In the comments below why don’t you share what you would like to see offered.  And remember, if you would like to present (whether formally or informally) DEN in SL would LOVE to help facilitate that and will offer whatever services we can to help make that happen.  Remember, we are our own best resource!  So click on that ‘Comment’ button and share some things that you would like to see the DEN in SL do, you are only limited by your imagination….think in terms of RL and SL topics, think in terms of time and space, think in terms of workshops or field trips or….


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