IOWATER Monitoring Atlas







I want to share with you a really cool resource available to you for free over the Internet. If you have ever used GIS software before you should be fully aware of the power it has in teaching due to the vast amount of information at your fingertips. If you are not familiar with the IOWATER program I have a small part of the website pasted below. At the website ( under the Database menu select Iowa Water Monitoring Atlas and explore the almost endless amount of information offered in this online GIS program. 

IOWATER, Iowa’s volunteer water quality monitoring program, empowers citizens to take a proactive approach to water quality. By monitoring the water resources in our backyards, we can ensure the protection, longevity and productivity of high quality water resources, as well as evaluate, assess, and improve those of lower quality. By becoming an IOWATER volunteer, you are not only provided with monitoring equipment, but you are also given the freedom to monitor wherever and whenever you choose. The program brings people closer to the landscapes that surround them and encourages them to develop a sense of place within the watersheds in which they live. This tie between ourselves and the water resources that give us life will lead to the understanding, respect, and protection of Iowa’s water bodies long into the future.  If you are interested in becoming an IOWATER volunteer visit the website to see how you could benefit from the program and in turn benefit Iowa’s stream, rivers, and lakes.


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