Why I think the DEN Virtual Conference is important & what it means to me to participate:

First of all, it’s FREE! And, like many other events in the emerging field of online professional development, the conference will be run by VOLUNTEERS! These volunteers are educators who have decided to take hold of the reigns of professional development and become masters of their own destiny- and help provide the tools for their colleagues to do the same.

The “new” internet (aka Web 2.0) is more than just cool tools, it offers exciting ways for educators to redefine the boundaries of our classrooms, as well as our professional development! That’s what the Discovery Educator Network is all about- redefining how we learn from each other in a global network.

Because it is not tied to a specific geographical location, the DEN Virtual Conference doesn’t require participants’ physical presence. In addition, all of the conference materials & activities will be archived. But, I think the feature that matters most to me is the enormous potential for interaction. At a face-to-face (F2F) conference, I could never possibly attend all the presentations and personally interact with all the presenters (most of the time they might not even be accessible). At an online conference, I could. Theoretically, I could actively participate in all the conference activities, such as forums, round-tables, workshops, keynote discussions, and tours. The only limitation would be my time and energy level!

I strongly believe that the DEN Virtual Conference will allow for more quality communication with peers and leaders, and I am honored & excited to be a part of it!

What gets you excited about online professional development? What do you see as the added benefits of a virtual conference, as opposed to a traditional F2F event?

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