Texas STARs Make TechEdge!

If you’ve received the Winter 2007 TechEdge, the first thing you probably noticed is the really interesting guy on the back cover. But once you open the magazine and start to read, what will you see? You’ll see an article by Mitch Aiken entitled AFI’s Center for Student Film.

What is so exciting about this article? It spotlights the American Film Institute’s Lights, Camera, Education! curriculum and professional development which is presented in collaboration with Discovery Education. Turn to the top of Page 21 and you’ll see a picture of the group of educators, all DEN STAR members, who attended the film institute last spring at Southern Methodist University.

The article includes quotes and information about how the program is being used by Judith Valle (Canutillo), Diedre Cook (Katy), JohnT Powell (Pasadena), and Howard Martin (Austin) and their school districts. If you are not familiar with AFI’s curriculum, you can visit Discovery Education streaming and search for AFI. You will then be able to watch videos that explain the program and download an excellent resource book that will give you everything you need to know.

Visit the original blog post, made during the early days of the DEN Texas blog, which includes links to some of the videos made during the SMU institute. Visit the AFI Screen Nation blog for information on how AFI can help you with film festivals and other contests in your district.


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  1. Beth Weeks said:

    haha! It is like a “Where’s Waldo” but I found myself in the picture! Isn’t that fun!!!! AFI was great training…if you have the chance you need to take part in this opportunity!

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