Call for Presenters

DEN in SL is putting out a ‘Call for Presenters’.  Here’s your big opportunity to present virtually (imagine how THAT would look on a resume!)!

DEN in SL is looking for people to present at their convenience (remember, SL is a 24/7/366 world) on a topic of their choice.  If you need help narrowing the focus of a presentation we are currently looking for people who have been in-world for awhile and could present one of the travel topics, like “best science locations”, “best historical recreations”, “best architecture”, etc.  If you have compiled a few landmarks which you would like to share, these sessions could be simple – you would just talk about the landmarks you have and ask attendees if they have any to add, drop them all in a notecard giver and voila! everyone has the landmarks which they can go to and explore. The presenter could choose whether they wanted to tour with the group or not.

And remember, the DEN in SL will provide you with all the support you need to help you present in-world — from sending out notices of your event, to helping put together notecards, to being a ‘Vanna White’ and helping facilitate the logistics on the day of your presentation.


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