Swept Away

drydenfourth.jpg Good thing I have Trish Fuglestad and her art students to keep me from dwelling too much on high school and middle school student video makers. Last year’s 5th graders won a local contest and went on to have their film be shown at an international festival in Naples. This year her 4th grade class has championed the cause of what happens to cast off art supplies when the bell rings – they get “Swept Away.” Lots of clever shots to go along with a very clever story about saving those supplies that still have a lot of LIFE in them. Anthropomorphization, chromakey, original music – it’s all here! A clean sweep!

On top of that, they have shared the process with us in pictures. From a super sized, dynamic storyboard to recording the original song and filming eraser, pencil and paper in front of a blue screen made from bulletin board roll paper, it’s almost like a “making of” chapter at the end of a DVD.


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  1. Carol Anne said:

    Bravo! Congratulations to Mrs. Funglestad and her brilliant group of students! I really enjoyed watching your video and will be very careful to pick up all the pencils, erasers and papers on my classroom floor every day!

    Thanks for sharing your video with the world!
    Carol Anne

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