If She Only Knew Me – Book Review

This book is a must read for anyone who refers to themselves as an educator. After reading this book I had a new perspective on my students’ life outside the four walls of our school building. I have heard teachers say that their students believe they live in the school building and don’t have a life outside of school. Teachers often think the same way about their students. We often wonder why homework isn’t being completed and letters home aren’t answered. We know education is important, why can’t our student realize that too? This book reminds us that our students deal with real life problems as soon as they leave our school doors. They use their skills and talents in a variety of ways to help them cope in their world. http://www.rocketpublishing.net/

Dan Brown/Teacher

“Jeff and Heather have discovered the essence of what educators need to know about student relationships. This is a great little book that all teachers need to read.”
-Dr. Larry Vick, Superintendent, Owensboro Public Schools

“This child’s story is the story of many “at risk” children. I think this book could reach several audiences, like college students interested in becoming teachers or social workers; entry-level educators; and youth ministers. I think this book would be a great discussion starter for elementary and middle school students…. if we only knew about them, too. Every child has a story.”
-Eva Glahn Atkinson, M.A., Director, Counseling Center, Brescia University

“If She Only Knew Me is a short picture book with a powerful message for teachers, school social workers, and all those involved in the schools. The pictures and the words portray a young student, “Justin,” who faces difficult times in school and he shares his thoughts on each situation. It is a great read for students and would serve as a great starting place for student discussions.”
-Randy A. Fisher, LCSW, Executive Director, School Social Work Association of America

“If She Only Knew Me is a rare opportunity to see ourselves as teachers and principals from a child’s unique perspective. It is not about making excuses or reducing our expectations of children who come to us from difficult situations. Rather, it is an affirmation of the unique potential that every child brings to our classrooms … and our hearts.”
-Dr. Mickey Dunaway, Superintendent, South Gibson School Corporation

“I believe that If She Only Knew Me should be required reading for every teacher and for everyone who wants to be a teacher. Too often we overlook the unique talents and gifts of our students because of our own preconceived ideas. As educators, we are not only teaching children to read, write, and calculate, we are nurturing souls-and that is a responsibility we must not take lightly.”
-Vicki Writsel, Director, Special Programs, Bowling Green Independent Schools

“If She Only Knew Me is a creative way to help teachers and principals rethink their daily interactions with children. As tough as it is, we must keep in mind that each student has their own set of special circumstances. The challenge is knowing our students. The book reaffirms my belief that effective teachers and principals are careful not to jump to conclusions when it comes to analyzing student behavior and actions.”
-Don Bartalo, Instructional Leadership Consultant


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