DEN Virtual Conference

Hey CA DEN’rs! Getting lost trying to start using all these cool tech ideas we share? Don’t want to fight traffic to attend a conference? Trouble no more – here’s your chance to attend a great DEN training event right from your own home. The first DEN Virtual Conference is happening on Saturday, February 2nd (PST start time 9am). If you have an internet connection and speakers, you can attend.

Check out the Virtual Conference flier for more details on how to register. Don’t live near one of the listed locations? No problem, just register as ‘Virtual Attending Online’. But there’s no reason to keep all these good ideas to yourself. While you’re at it, why not get a group of 3-4 teachers and make it a party? Grab some munchies, your laptop & attend together at someone’s house (or if you dare on a Saturday, your classroom – shudder). You can listen/watch the virtual ‘breakout’ sessions in between the keynote speakers or have your own with your colleagues. No one will even know your in your pajamas. Now that’s my kind of professional development!


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