While these tools are great, please, please, check with your district’s/school’s teacher acceptable use policy before using them. Many districts block certain sites for many reasons. We don’t want any teachers “in trouble” for going around the system….

~DEN Management

I’ve had a lot of success using the online file conversion tool, Zamzar. I’ve used it to change sound file types, compress files, create pdfs and, most frequently, rip Flash videos from YouTube.

I hope many other DEN members had found this tools useful as well. One thing that never occurred to me though was how I could get videos from YouTube while at school (aside from simply converting them at home) . In the past, I had always converted them at home (being that YouTube is blocked at my school and most others).

It completely skipped my mind that I could actually do a Google search (or Google Videos) for a YouTube video and then copy and paste the URL from the results page into Zamzar! Now you can have your banned YouTube videos at school! I love finding ways around “the man.” Just make sure that Zamzar’s emails are not blocked by your system. Needless to say Discovery’s videos should always remain top priority 😉

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  1. Brett Harvey said:

    I posted an entry about Youtube a while back – don’t know where in cyberspace it went after the changeover. With the latest version of Real Player ( for Mac OS X) you can download Youtube videos directly from Youtube. A small button appears above every video asking if you want to download it. It’s fast, works with many other videos such as flash animations and can even download to an iPod. I download Youtubes videos of sports injuries at home (where Youtube isn’t blocked) onto a flash drive and bring them into my Kinesiology classes – the kids love the ‘gnarly’ ones. You do have to have Real player (or other media player that can handle flv files) installed on the computer you use at school.

  2. Susan Little said:

    Well, I got to do it once before “big brother” blocked Zamzar!!!!

  3. Jeremy Davis said:

    Try out tubesock. Let’s you port youtube to your ipod, which you can then plug in and show on your LCD in the classroom.

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