Jeff Corwin at FETC

Jeff Corwin

The conference began with Jeff Corwin’s expression of appreciation for teachers and to share his thoughts on the importance of education and it’s role in helping to better our world. He shared his journey of discovering his life goals and applauded the goals educators have given themselves throughout their educational endeavors.

Corwin told one story of his life that occurred while filming a show several years back.  On an island off the coast of Hawaii he was filming a bird with physical characteristics that were not very interesting to him and did not understand the reasoning behind filming such a creature. When he asked what was so special about this bird he was told that it was the last of its kind. This was a life changing experience for him because so much time and energy is spent on what looks good or attractive and at times not what is really important.

FETC attendees took away several thoughts from Jeff’s experiences. As a science teacher it made me want to develop new ways and ideas to make students think about what they do in the classroom so they can see beyond the letter grade the get but rather how the activities or lessons they learn can play a role in bettering their future, the future of others, and the future of this planet.


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  1. Tracie Belt said:

    Jeff Corwin was an excellent choice for FETC. He was inspiring and has inspired me to do a special unit on Florida in my Life Science class. It was a great way to start out the conference. Thank you Discovery for bringing him to the conference. I only got to spend two days at the conference, but it was two great days. Hall’s presentation on IPODS in the classroom was fantastic. It was exactly what I needed to get me started. The preconference DEN meeting was so much fun and I met a lot of Den members. I appreciate how welcome they made me feel. If you haven’t been to one of these DEN events you don’t know what you are missing. Thank you to Lance,Jannita, Scott, Steve and anyone else I forgot for setting it up.

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