Florida ’08.2

You didn’t miss “Florida ’08.1” I fully intended to get a couple of posts up last week while at FETC with the DEN crew. However, I found myself living life in the Hall lane while in Orlando and thought I’d catch up on the weekend after presenting at the Northern IL Computing Educators conference Saturday morning. My daughter went into labor later that day and we had our new grandson just after midnight, very early on Sunday morning. On Monday it was back down to Orlando airport and over to Viera H.S. to offer the keynote and a few breakout sessions for the Brevard County Educational Technology Conference. So that’s why my Florida review is beginning at the end.
fjliv.jpg Due to the weather and flight delays, I was in Florida for just under 20 hours. However, it was a warm, sunny visit that somehow bolstered my spirits for a return to sub-zero wind chills. The warm hospitality started in the parking lot where Matt Frey, educational training and customer services manager for the county, met me and guided me to my sessions. I shouldn’t play favorites with audiences, but this group seemed especially in tune with my “Makin’ Movies” keynote. I’ve never had people so sympathetic from the very start to the poor, little discarded lamp in the IKEA commercial. And the acronym and logo for their tech integration program is probably another indicator of that warmth: PAINT – Planning and Integrating New Technology: Improving the way students see, hear and interact with the curriculum.
As promised, with thanks to and a nudge from our own DEN Second Life council, clips of some of the special effects I talked about can be found on my homepage. They all start with F/X.



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  1. Tricia Fuglestad said:

    Congratulations- another grandchild!

    Also, I looked at the FX clips-great ideas. Thanks for posting them:)

    Tricia Fuglestad
    Art Teacher

  2. Lori Abrahams said:

    It was fun having you present in SL last night. Glad you had those FX clips up on your site and that we could get them to play in the media player in SL. And your avatar, Amadeo is looking much better in those 501 jeans.

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