It takes Different Strokes for Different Folks

Do you remember when the diminutive Gary Coleman asked the question”Whatcha Talkin’ ’bout Willis” and his catch phrase was born?

If not it came from the popular 80’s sitcom  “Different Strokes.” What the heck does this have to do with DE streaming?  You might be asking yourself.   Has Matt finally lost it? You might be wondering…quite possibly!

Ok here’s the tie-in.  Today’s classes, like the classes before them, are filled with students who are different learners – audio, visual, ELL, etc.   But today, this generation of kids is used to getting their information from iPods, cell phones, tv, the internet, and more – often at the same time.  It’s no wonder you get the blank looks or the…”Whatcha’ talking ’bout teacher…”

So what do you do?  How can you differentiate your instruction to meet these guys needs?  These guys who are wired in 24/7?

Well, while I don’t think I have the definitive answer, here’s a little PPT presentation that can help you differentiate your instruction using the tools that you can find in DE streaming.  Note, I’ve pulled the videos out of the PPT and so that it isn’t a bear to download.

Hope this helps!  Even better – leave a comment on how you use technology or DE streaming to reach your students so that we can learn even more.

After all “…it takes different strokes,  different strokes to move the world…” 

Differentiated Instruction and DE streaming


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