It's a Wrap – Makin' Movies: Simple F/X

Jan 30_003

What a night!  DEN in SL had over 25 budding directors, producers, and actors/actresses attending Amadeo Writer’s (aka Joe Brennan) Wednesday Workshop in making movies.

Besides learning about various tools and tips for shooting great movies (check out the ^Pages^ section on the Google Groups) what REALLY made this workshop a hit was that after Amadeo presented we all went upstairs and watched some of his actual clips on the streaming video player. WOW!!!

Jan 30_007


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    WOW! is right. I’ve always felt like people only get a feel for half a presentation when I do webinars, but this was about as close to being there as you can get. Thanks to the whole SL LC for helping me get dressed, to getting me to speak (literally!), figuring out how to show the clips in a quality format, and finally to even displaying a baby card for my new grandson.

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Isn’t this the height of ‘net narcissicism commenting 3 times on your own presentation? SL Google group members can pick up my F/X PPT in the document section. And if you’re not a member, why not join?

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