Maine Den 'Bears' the ice for Virtual Conference – First Maine Event for 2008

Feb 2, 2008, in spite of the ice & sleet storm Den’s Virtual Conference in Central Maine was attended by local teachers.
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Lance Rougeux presented ‘Lost in Translation’, explained how many of todays students are bilingual, their second language being text messaging. Matt Monjan presented ‘Building A Bigger Blogger’ which introduced web applications that can blend with the teacher resources in Discovery Education’. Next ‘The Bionic Lesson’ presented by Mike Bryant showed how to transform standard lessons into a more engaging presentation using a variety of programs and hardware technologies.

In between programs door prizes were awarded and teachers enjoyed sharing ideas. After a lunch of chicken and roast beef sandwiches, everyone returned to a relaxing presentation by Hall Davidson, the ‘Revenge of the Digital Immigrant’. He described the new brain of the 21st century student and how education needs to evolve to match the evolution of the media.

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Following Hall Davidson Steve Dembo presented “50 Ways to Spin a Digital Story”. Steve described how to use web sites to make students’ digital stories come alive.

The 21st century student is quite a different learner than those of us that have been teaching for years — Just ask Harley, (the golden) Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Thank You Edward Little High School in Auburn, Maine  for supporting us with a meeting place and beverages!


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  1. Linda Prescott said:

    This was well worth giving up the Saturday.. it has inspired me to explore and use more DEN resources. I am looking forward to what I discover in the Disover Educator Network. Nice play on words, Lori.. did you graduate from UOM? Linda

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