MovieMaker Chroma Key!

Well I sure got my money’s worth at the DEN Virtual Conference this morning. After months and months of telling people there are no plug-ins for MovieMaker Cindy Lane showed me that there are (the chat window can be an invaluable thing to keep an eye on during webinars). You can buy ‘em and you can download some for free including the coveted chromakey/blue screen. AND there is a very good YouTube tutorial by a very poised student to walk you through the process.

There’s nothing like a DEN gathering for learning new things!!!


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  1. Susan said:

    Colin is my new hero! I have tried so many different codes since our DNI in DC this past summer and have not had good results until now. Finally, my pc will work as well as your macs!

  2. Eric Strommer said:

    Susan, you are not alone. If there is one item from the virtual conference that I’ll take back with me to school and use right away it is this tool. I have my students produce a weekly news broadcast for the school’s closed circuit tv system and now we can take it one step higher.

  3. Kimberly Mattingly said:

    Thank you Cindy! I also checked the link on how to make a simple clay animation movie. I loved it and will share this with my GATE students.

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