Virtually Conferencing in Snowflake!


So…. it’s Saturday and here we all sit, in Snowflake, AZ.  Through the efforts of Vicki Schmidt and Brian Weir, we are treated to the comfort of a lovely lab in Snowflake High School and access to a wealth of great information from the DEN.  There are about 20 of us watching and learning.  At the end of the day, the tools are really cool and there are a ton of resources, but hopefully we all start to think of connections that can be made, collaborations that can be fostered and classrooms that stretch with our students towards a more connected classroom.

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  1. April said:

    We can believe Diana’s over there blogging … can’t believe she posted pictures already. No warning. No fair 🙂

    So many new resources! I’d love to work with some teachers using some of these tools. Navajo County people, contact me. Other counties … contact your TIS.

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