A look back at the DEN Virtual Conference + ARCHIVES!

Since joining Discovery Education, I’ve been to a lot of conferences.  As an attendee, as an exhibitor, as a presenter, even as the host!  However, I have to tell you that the conference we hosted on Saturday was unlike any other I’d ever attended.

The first DEN Virtual Conference was an incredible success by any measure.  While the numbers are still coming in, I feel very confident in saying that over 500 people attended spanning the entire globe.  The best part about it is while it was a virtual conference with virtual keynotes, the majority of attendees were face to face with other educators, gathered at various regional locations to experience it together.  I’ve already had a few people email me saying that it combined the best of the virtual world, with the best of face to face conferences.  All in all, it made for a very powerful experience.

I find it a truly powerful testament to people’s dedication to further their own education and knowledge, that so many people were willing to give up their Saturday to attend.  When you factor in the abysmal weather conditions affecting so much of the country right now, it truly makes you appreciate the collaborative energy that educators bring to the table 7 days a week.

Just in case you couldn’t make it (or you just want a second helping!), we did archive each of the sessions, which you can watch by clicking the links below.  They will be added to our webinar archive as well, where you can find other webinars Discovery Education has hosted.

Lost in Translation, presented by Lance Rougeux
Revenge of the Digital Immigrants, presented by Hall Davidson

Virtual Breakouts:
Building a Bigger Builder, presented by Matt Monjan
The Bionic Lesson, presented by Mike Bryant
50 Ways to Spin a Digital Story, presented by Steve Dembo

DEN in Second Life demonstration, presented by Lori Abrahms of the DEN Second Life Leadership Council


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