Another Network to think about for IL Educators

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Golden Apple’s Teaching Excellence Network is a place to create, experiment, debate, connect, and explore the world of teaching with other excellent educators.

The Golden Apple Foundation advances the teaching profession by:

  • Recruiting and preparing highly motivated individuals to become teachers in Illinois schools of greatest need
  • Providing professional development seminars and workshops to teachers at all stages of their career
  • Recognizing outstanding teachers in the Chicago area and Central Illinois.

How Does TEN Work?

TEN is an online community open to all current, former, and prospective pre-K – 12 classroom teachers, with a special emphasis on Illinois.

The heart of TEN is our members’ discussion community, which features thoughtful conversations on topics ranging from classroom practice to educational activism to the essence of what it means to be a teacher. In addition, community members can recommend and review the very best in education resources, including books, websites, conferences, and grant opportunities.

TEN also features a blog, updated frequently, which is your gateway to education news, resources, and opinions. Every blog post is open for comments, so please let us know what you’re thinking!


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