Back in December, I was ‘bummed’ as my students would say, that I missed the Daniel Pink Webinar on how right-brainers will rule the world. I was busy grading papers for a deadline. Imagine that? Luckily, Webex has it’s own recording feature, sort of like TiVo for WebEx. All the guest webinars are archived online. Getting there is pretty simple: click the ‘About the DEN’ tab (which you can see at the top of this page). Then in the menus to the left, click ‘Webinar Archives’ and walaa! All the webinars are there. Here’s the direct link:

Other great archives you’ll find there include Adora Svitak – the 11yr. old story-writing prodigy. I think if I were choosing an academic decatholon team, she would be one of my first picks – she beats most of my high schoolers’ on vocabulary! While I was there, I was even able to find a little content to use in my lesson plan the next day – I played some of the Daniel Pink webinar for my AP Biology students who were studying the nervous system and the brain. I must say however, that while watching the webinars on your own time is surely convenient, the interaction you get with others when attending a live session makes the experience more meaningful. Even our ‘digital native’ students would be impressed at the speed of our chat boxes.

This also made me realize how important this feature of digital media is. I remember the days of going to the library only to find the video I wanted was already checked out. It’s a great model for our students to know how to archive and then retrieve information.

If you missed any of the Virtual Conference sessions this last weekend, check out this National blog post.


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