Guest Blogger – STAR Discovery Educator Jillian Gay

Send a big thanks to Jillian for sending me her guest blog post via email over the weekend. I first met Jillian at the Day of Discovery last spring @ The Peabody Hotel. Full of energy she is, and how can I complain about someone who speaks my language and uses terms like ‘uber’? Thanks Jillian for sending this in to me. For all you other Floridian DEN members, please send me a guest blog post to share with all others @

I’ve attended tech for the last 4 years, and this year’s was the best yet!  I was especially excited to attend this year, and the DEN was the cause. 

      As I waited with my friend and fellow STAR Tamara for the Exhibit Hall to open, we knew our first stop would be the Discovery Education exhibit.  We knew that the DEN was a Platinum Sponsor this year, and were thrilled to be a part of it!  Once the hall opened we didn’t have to go far.  Discovery Education was in the first isle with a great set up.  A highlight of the exhibit was the presentation of Discovery Science Connection (if you have not used it- Where have you been?).  Discovery Science Connection is an old friend to DEN STARs, but it’s never too late to check it out.

      I was also excited to attend the STAR reception that evening where the food was good- as always, and the people were even better (thanks ladies).  There were several great gifts and a chance to catch up with other DEN members and leaders. 

      We learned a lot throughout the rest of FETC.  The sessions and exhibits offered some really useful tools and strategies for teachers at all levels of technology proficiency.  We’re already planning for next year, and we can’t wait to see what the DEN will do! 


Thanks again Jillian for sharing your thoughts!



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