DEN Virtual Conference a Success!

On Saturday, Feb 2nd, 30 educators got together for a great professional development event. The first DEN Virtual Conference went off without a hitch. I want to thank all of the educators that joined us in Silver Spring. Thank you for giving up your Saturday to be with us. In addition to the Virtual Keynotes, Silver Spring participants learned how to add Web 2.0 tools into DE Streaming builders, how to use Audacity to podcast and how to grow their professional learning network using Second Life. All keynotes can be found on the National Blog Site. We were lucky enough to have Lance Rougeux give his “Virtual Keynote” live for us in Silver Spring. Thanks for joining us Lance! I would also like to thank Matt Monjan, our DEN Manager, Dennis Swain – DEN Manager, Aron Sterling – VA LC Member, Katie Knapp – VA LC Chair and Fred Delventhal – SL LC Chair for all of your help with the planning, presenting, logistics, food and all the small details. It was great working with you all and I can’t wait for the next one. Please enjoy the photos from the conference in Silver Spring and S.L. and stay tuned for our next event.


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