AuthorStream: My presentations from METC

I’ve been so busy bouncing from one conference to another that blogging has been woefully neglected! However, I’ve got a great new site for you to check out and an incredibly practical reason for sharing it.

I spent the last few days in Missouri presenting three sessions at METC. Of course, I’m never quite satisfied with any presentation I create, so I was tweaking the slides all the way up to the very minute I began presenting. After the presentation, plenty of people asked if I was going to be posting a copy of the presentation online. Normally, I’d use Slideshare to do so, but these presentations made ample use of Powerpoints custom animations. If you don’t over do it, those animations can be great for calling attention to particular details in a slide. Unfortunately, Slideshare doesn’t support those animations at all.

So, after a little searching around I stumbled upon AuthorStream. It supports those animations and handles them rather well. It also supports narratives, like Slideshare does. You can embed presentations, watch them full screen, email them, comment on them all the usually goodies you’d expect. Oh yeah, there’s one more distinct advantage of AuthorStream tho… It has an application that you can download that will convert your powerpoints en masse to flash and then allow you to import them into the AuthorStream website or into WizIQ. So you can embed it into your site, link to a really nifty full window player, or just direct people to their site. And since you can save them offline, no worries about the site disappearing or anything.

SO, here are my presentations from METC! (Click the links to be taken to the AuthorStream page)

Your Passport to Educational Blogging

Dynamic Professional Development using RSS

Top 10 Free Web 2.0 Sites – This wiki has all the sites and examples that were mentioned during the presentation, as well as sites that have fallen out of the top 10.


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    Unfortunately no control over the “Featured” ones along the right in authorstream – I came across an inappropriate photo – good thing I viewed this in private, and not at school or a presentation.

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    Well written article, well researched and useful for me in the future.I am so happy you took the time and effort to make this. Best of luck

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