It's a Wrap – Newbie 101

newbie 101_002

Another successful Wednesday Workshop!  Our very own DEN in SL LC member, Beth, facilitated the workshop.  She went over each of the buttons on the client menu so that the participants understood what each button did and how to best utilize them.  She shared how to do a search, how to join a group, and answered questions that arose during the discussion.  The workshop was conducted in voice, with participants asking their questions in the chat window.  As many of you know, I’m VERY anti-Voice, but after seeing how well the presentation worked with this type of format, who knows?, I just might take the Voice plunge the next time I do a presentation.  I’m sure that a chat transcript will be posted in the Google Groups shortly, so be on the look-out for that.  If any of you are attending the PETE & C DEN Pre-Conference day this coming weekend, be on the lookout for me (albeit w/o the purple hair!LOL).  I’ll be hosting two breakout sessions in the morning on Second Life.  I would love to finally meet some of you face2face!  I know that Vita Demain will be there and I look forward to finally meeting her.


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