Be the Change! Share the Story!

quantumtv.jpg Thanks to Bernajean Porter’s DigiTales newsletter, I see that Quantum TV has restructured its video challenge and extended their deadline to March 31st. For a grand prize worth $50,000 in cash, tech equipment and playgrounds, students make two, 2-3 minute videos documenting their school’s or community’s efforts to make a change in the environment or in social conditions at home or around the world. One Canadian school showed how their addition of solar panels and a wind generator not only helped in their own power consumption, but inspired schools in the UK, Korea and Australia. The first video should explain the process of choosing and developing the project. The second documents the project itself. And if you don’t have an idea or anything in the works, click on the action partners and organizations in the sidebar on the right. They might just provide the inspiration to move your students to action.

Here’s a 23 second video explaining the contest. One big change since the video was produced – the grade categories have been merged into one.


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