Evaluating Use of United Streaming Videos with Students

Dan Brown, 5th grade teacher, has students view UnitedStreaming videos individually or in groups of two. Evaluation of how well they spent their time is often difficult to figure. He has used the following techniques to determine students’ level of understanding.

* Students must stop their videos every 5 minutes and write three ” I Remembers”. “I Remembers” are main ideas or concepts students have learned during the past 5 min. period. Students turn their, “I remembers” in after watching the complete video.

* Students will view the complete video and then create their own worksheet. The worksheet will contain at least ten questions. In addition to their questions students also provide the time code where the answers can be found. Every video has a timer that keeps track of the time in the video. This list of questions is given to another group of students and they must use the time codes to find the answers.

* Students need to capture five still photos from the video and provide a caption. The shortcuts for capturing and printing a screen are:
command key + shift + 3 (prints the whole screen)
command key + shift + 4 (allows you to select and capture a portion of the screen)

These quick and simple ways to use United Streaming videos in your classroom should be helpful. Dan uses them with his 5th graders on a weekly bases.


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    I like your idea of using the I remember.

    Great Job!

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