2 People + 2 Minutes + 10 Questions = Speed DENing

And it was fun! Talk about a clever conference kick-off. Here’s the Recipe:

  1. Mix 150 +/- DENers in a large conference room with lots of Hershey’s chocolate.
  2. Add 10 Discovery Educator Network-related questions.
  3. Find a partner.
  4. Stir Q/A conversation heavily for 2 minutes.
  5. Change partners.
  6. Repeat the process several times until the bell (horn, really) rings.

Know what you get? The beginning of a fantastic, fun-filled, action-packed (if Dorman says 37 tools, she does 37 tools) Day of Discovery. A quick way to meet your neighbors in the rows around you, Speed DENing is as much fun as it sounds. You almost hate when the activity ends. Lance said Speed DENing made it debut at FETE&C, but you know the old sing song, so I think PA just did it better.

The questions engaged us, but two of them got me thinking, so I’m passing them along to you for reflection. And maybe a little contest. Let’s show FL that PA is the best. Let’s start Speed DENing online.

Here are the two questions:

  1. If the DEN genie could grant you 3 wishes, what would they be? [If you are an overachiever, you can even tell us why].
  2. If you could create your very own new Discovery tool/product/interface/whatever, what would it be? [Let’s throw the why in, just for good measure, but definitely optional].

All you have to do is hit the Comment button to start Speed DENing. The kid in me knows that I need a prize. So, how about if we give the winner [no, I do not have a rubric, but originality scores high] a soon-to-open-DEN Store Gift Certificate.

Let’s go, PA. FL might have done it first, but let’s show we can do it better.

A very special THANK YOU to our Discovery Day all-star team of presenters:
Matt Monjan, Nancy Sharoff, Jennifer Dorman, Elizabeth Buyer, Steve Dembo, Julia Tebbets, Lance Rougeux, and Shelley Santora-Jones. We missed you, Jannita, but the prize-winners did the dance just for you. Hall, hope we all see you soon.

P.S. I’m heading out, despite weather, to a four-day Model UN in DC with 45 students. I promise to upload the 6 videos of the day to TeacherTube and then post to the PA blog, but it may take until next week. Resource links coming too. Happy long weekend to all.


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  1. Phy Chauveau said:

    I loved the Speed DENing at PETE & C. Thanks, Jennifer! I really should go shovel, but this is much more fun. The three wishes? Here goes:

    1) a 400 block ride in the Cash Cab
    2) more copyright-free music from artists my kids know and love
    3) more time in the day to play with all the amazing Web 2.0 tools I learned about at PETE & C. (Last night I made a birthday greeting for one of our assistant teachers on Blabberize, just to see if I could do it. So easy!) I guess it’s the DEN way to show it, so here goes…
    I made a Blabber for You!

    While b-day greetings are great, I intend to use it as a way for animals to supposedly share their perspectives on rainforest issues, including rainforest destruction and overuse of energy in our homes. I’m also going to have my kids experiment with Twitter in the spring when we do our endangered earth unit, throwing out the question: What are you doing to save energy right now?

    If I could invent a tool, it would allow you to type in a specific skill (perhaps a theme and grade level), and have the top ten Web 2.0 tools that DEN members have utilized to support integration of that skill.

    I’m sure that I could think of better ideas if I had my third wish, but I have to leave for school now!

  2. Jannita Demian said:

    Great post… CA will be speeding DENing at our conference in a few weeks… maybe we’ll have to do it better than PA! I missed seeing everyone… I hear I would have been snowed in again… my little PETE & C annual tradition… but at least I could have used the back scratcher!

  3. Jan Abernethy said:

    Wish 1: More comments on my student’s blog called Project S.C.A.T. Why? Students have been working really hard to make a difference in their community. I think it would be great if they knew someone was really reading about their accomplishments. There are three posts in particular that ask for reader input. They are: Project Logos, What is Project S.C.A.T.? (January) and Help us Choose a Theme Picture. (January) http://cyberchickens26.blogspot.com/
    Wish 2 & 3: My wish is that my first wish is fulfilled.

    Thank you for fulfilling my wish!

  4. Traci Blazosky said:

    Okay… speed DENing was definitely fun! I met a lot of cool people… some f2f for the first time!
    Here are my 3 wishes:
    1. More time to use the cool tools I learned at Pete&C with my classroom.
    2. Smartboards in my building… or Promethean! ANYTHING at this point!
    3. More get togethers w/the awesome Network I’ve built since becoming a Keystone Tech. Integrator.

  5. Meg Griffin said:

    I am just now reentering reality from PETE&C. I had told Lance, “Don’t worry this year…no snow in the forecast, just cold!!”
    My three wishes are:

    1)More time in the day to play around with all the cool web 2.0 tools and widgets and have my kids use them
    2) A way to energize and motivate my colleagues to enter the “Brave New World.”
    3) A way to reassure my students’ parents that the web is not a big dangerous forest.

    I am going to AFI in Bucks tomoroow and Tuesday. I can’t wait!!

  6. Dave Solon said:

    Speed DENing – what a cool concept!


    1a. Gigabit connectivity for all public schools on the planet.
    1b. An overall positive change of attitude by all teachers when it comes to integrating tech into their classrooms.
    1c. An extremely liberal ‘fair-use for educators and students’ policy for our overall society. (So folks aren’t so scared to use commercial content for educational purposes.)
    1d. extra wish: that all folks who litter have that trash returned to their living rooms while they are sleeping.

    Special Tool: an all-in-on podcast/vodcast device that would allow teachers and students to record their content – then with a one-step, seamless upload process to a blog/podcast site with little to no setup required.

  7. Robin Martin said:

    Three wishes? Wow
    1. A one-week paid workshop for my teachers so they could dig deeper into all that Discover Educator and DiscoveryStreaming has available for their curriculum. No excuses for them not to attend! They could explore, create, explore, create, and create with the “guide on the side!” Teachers need time to create with a tech guru in the same room, so they don’t panic when the page does not load.
    2. A visit by one of the TV personalities to my school so kids can learn first hand about all the hard work these people go through to produce a show the kids enjoy. They see the shows and like the personalities Mike Rowe, Mythbusters Guys, Smash lab or Storm Chasers.
    3. A job with Discovery when I retire! Or a visit to a set in production to observe the process and blog back the interaction and information to classes anywhere.

    TOOL – a device like Amazon’s Kindle which would hold all of our textbooks and ability to search the Internet for content and research. Added with a SIMPLE text editor to capture the research. Files could be transferred to desktop later. For about the same price or better than the $300 Kindle.But in the meantime, how about the ability to download or stream more of the current TV shows to be used in class without commercial interruption in the middle or waiting for it to be on DVD.

  8. RJ Stangherlin said:


    What kind of “get togethers” would you like to see happen? Could you give me a wish list and I will get on it.

    I am so with you on 1 d. Love it.


  9. Robin Martin said:

    Just an after thought, I would love to see some software widget or such that would allow me to create my blog on DEN, and have it cross-post to my blogger or other location.

    Thanks for 2 fun days Jen Dorman at BucksIU. It was a long haul, but I got a lot of ideas and now my brain if full.

  10. Jim Hopton said:

    I also enjoyed the Speed DENing at PETE&C, but found that I didn’t want to stop talking to all the cool DEN members.
    My wishes are:
    1. More time to play with the great Web 2.0 tools-I LOVE ANIMOTO !! I had my Pre K students dancing all over the room while I played the short video of their last art project.
    2. Introduce these cool tools to my graduate students in our next tech class.

  11. Tom McGee said:

    Speed DENing? I can hear the eharmony theme song playing in my head right now..sorry I missed it at PETEandC, maybe next year. I still wanted to jump in on this discussion though..ok here goes..

    wish 1. To be able to blog as often as Kristin

    wish 2. I like Traci’s idea – how about a DEN day (mini conference with a social afterwards)
    Are we talking DEN at Disney??

    wish 3.To become a STAR..aaaah! Let me in!!

    Jan, your kids were fantastic! As promised, I put the Alex’s Lemonade Bracelets in the mail!

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