Blab away with Blabberize!

Sometimes its the simplest sites that turn into your favorites. Certainly is that way with Blabberize. If you’ve ever seen Conan O’Brien, then you’re familiar with the idea. Take an image of a famous person, make their mouth move like a ventriloquist dummy, and then add your own soundtrack. Hilarity ensues.

I know, I’m a little late for Valentine’s Day, but hopefully you’ll forgive me!

The first thing I love about Blabberize is that you don’t even need to register to use it. You can just log in with Guest/Guest. Many classes balk at tools that require registration because of issues with student email accounts. So any site that doesn’t require you to log in is a winner in my book already.

Then you upload your image. What image? ANY image! George Washington? Sure! Bill Gates? Why not! Your principal? Do so at your own risk 😉 Suffice to say, you have thousands of images at your disposal in Discovery Education Streaming, or you can always go harvest your own from a variety of websites. The possibilities are endless.

Simply mark off where the lower jaw is in the image and then record your message. You’ve got about two minutes to do so. If you need more than two minutes, string several of them together! You can make each one a frame, like in a comic strip and use several images of the same person/object. Or if you’re using it for biographies, use images form different phases of the person’s life.

The end result is embeddable, linkable or if you want to capture it offline, you’ll need to get creative and use some screen capture software. But no reason you couldn’t do it. You could even take those final results and embed them into a digital story!

So what do you think? What could you use Blabberize for in YOUR classroom?


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  1. Teryl Magee-TN DEN LC, Chair said:

    I learned about this great site during the VC from Steve, and I would love to use it in my classroom! There are endless possibilities with social studies, science, and many other subject areas.

    Unfortunately, the site is blocked. I called our network department and explained how I was going to use it anticipating with high hopes that they could get it unblocked for me. Nonetheless my hopes were dashed. According to ENA Blabberize is a “social networking site.” Go figure!

  2. Barbara De Santis said:


    I understand your pain- I was ready to use it for a black history project- yet the recording is blocked at school! I’m still working on it (by going to the technology office every morning) so they will make it work. I showed my kids the demo and they want to know when they can make their own blabber! Maybe next week will be better.

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