Completely Procrastinated, Much Delayed Post-Conference Post

Back in the PA satellite office today with some time to clean up my presentations and get them posted. Specifically, here are the two that have been requested from FETC and PETE&C.

50 Ways to Integrate DE streaming (screenshot edition)

Don’t Look at the Duck: Technology Tips in a Differentiated Classroom


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  1. Grace Backstrom said:

    When I attend a conference, my goal is to take away one thing that I can utilize in my workshops. Your presentation with streaming is what I found that is available to my fellow educators, but is underutilized in our classrooms at present. Thank you.

  2. Charlene said:

    Thanks Lance.. this is just in time for the lunch workshops I am hosting next week!! Was nice meeting you in Austin, sure wish I could have brought some of that weather back to Chicago!

  3. Gretchen said:

    Hey Lance — It was great seeing you again this year. Thanks for posting the two classes you gave. I have a quick question — I would like to teach the Streaming with the STAR’s and Steve Dembo’s 50 ways to Spin a Digital Story to some of the teachers. Is there a downloadable presentation somewhere?
    I tried to find them — but too no avail. They are probably right in front of me — but I am missing them!

  4. dena blanchard said:

    Thanks for posting your hard work. I used your “lost in translation” webinar archive, twice yesterday. I showed some of it to both sessions of a training I had for our teachers. It got them thinking, and we went on to use items I learned at the FETC pre-con and other trainings. You guys rock!

  5. Traci said:

    Hi, I loved all your sessions at Pete & C. Will you be posting any of the other presentations here? I liked the top 10 stars among others. Thanks. Traci

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