EdTechConnect with CoolCatTeacher herself, Vicki Davis!

If you’re even remotely familiar with the world of educational blogging, then I’m sure I don’t need to introduce you to Vicki Davis.  Her blog, CoolCatTeacher, is one of the most popular blogs in the EduBlogosphere.  The Flat Classroom Project wiki won an EduBlogs Award for Best Wiki of 2008.  She is a master at global collaboration and a phenomenal teacher.  And I have the distinct feeling that she has figured out some trick that allows her to squeeze 30 hours every work day.  Lest I forget, she’s also one of our most recent STAR Discovery Educators!

On Wednesday, February 20th at 7:00pm EST, Vicki is going to be our guest speaker on EdTechConnect.

In a time when we have to expand our minds, enrich our curriculum, and leave no child behind… there is now talk about “flattening” our classrooms. Learn what a flat classroom is and the steps to easily make your classroom more global, more effective, and more relevant from a pioneer in the practice. How can connecting your classroom with other classrooms in the world be done safely and effectively? How can you integrate it into an already overtaxed curriculum?

Register now so you won’t miss what promises to be a powerful webinar that will help you tear down the walls of your classroom and connect your students to the world!


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  1. Vicki Davis said:

    I’m excited about this next Wednesday. I look forward to the conversation and I appreciate Steve setting this up!

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