Interactive White Boards and Interactive Tablets

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How many of you are currently using interactive white boards or wireless tablets?  Is one better than the other or are they both equally as useful in the classroom? It seems like there is a big effort in many schools to improve technology by incorporating interactive  white boards but I feel as though there are some cheaper alternatives to the whiteboards that may be more cost effective. I have only had the opportunity to play with an interactive tablet for a few minutes but I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and think I could make some good use of one in my classroom. I feel the same way about interactive whiteboards but when I think logically about funding the tablet seems more realistic.

Do any of you out there who use either the whiteboards or tablets use them in creative ways or do you feel they have significantly changed your teaching style or improved student learning? My big question is are there any one who uses both and prefers one over the other?

What creative things are you doing with these interactive tools to improve student learning?


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  1. Amy Cordova said:


    I have a SmartBoard in my 2nd grade classroom. I do not have a tablet, but would like one. I would say that the better one is dependent upon how you will use it and what grade you teach. If I had the tablet, it would be primarily for my use. It is difficult for 2nd graders to use it.

    I use the SmartBoard in my room many different ways. I use it for centers during math and communication art block. I typically have 2-3 students working on it. The SmartBoard has replaced my overhead. My students give presentations on it. It is used as a large screen for showing United Streaming videos. We do research – both teacher centered and student centered on it.

    Has it changed the way I teach? Not dramatically. I already used technology in many different ways. However, I do feel it has enriched my teaching. It has also allowed my students to us the technology in a “fun and interactive” way.

  2. Ann Nicholson said:

    I have been very impressed with the Promethean activboard and activote products. They are continually improving their software and hardware while keeping things backward compatible. Their new student response system works with a USB device, so you can collect student data without having to use an activboard. The voting “eggs” are registered to the USB device which can be moved from computer to computer. As long as you have the Activstudio software on your computer, you can use the activotes quickly and easily. Check out for more informaton.

  3. Robert Follmuth said:

    I am the Teacher Librarian at two elementary schools and while we do not have a white board in either building, I’ve been experimenting with the Mimio. This device attaches to a common white board and, with the use of a projector, allows the presenter to control the computer from the white board. Has anyone else used the Mimio? Is the a good user’s manual out there somewhere?

  4. Alison Oswald-Keene said:

    I personally bought a Mimio and it took me a long time to get around to figuring it out. Once I did, it was wonderful! I liked it as much or more so than the SmartBoard that my district recently put into my classroom. If you go to the Mimio website, there are manual downloads. While Mimio isn’t touch enabled, it has a wonderful suite of opportunities.

  5. Ronald12 said:

    I use white boards in my class room. I would like to know the advantages of interactive white boards. Is there any specific advantage. What about its disadvantage? Am planning to buy one. So I would like to know its features that is why am checking its advantages.

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