Did I Meet My Twin?

So wandering around SL this day off, searching for places to shop for the upcoming Wednesday Workshop on February 27th.  Decided to stop off at DEN in SL HQs to see what new changes are happening.   Besides adding some rezzing dragonflies to the greenhouse and then being able to locate the emittor to move them (HELP!!!) and ran into Sand Broek reading some of the sign boards.  I almost did a double take.  She was wearing the EXACT same jacket as me!  Now what’s the likelihood of THAT happening!  Seems that not only did she get it from the same designer (on sale, like I did), but in order to get that, along with a myriad of other outfits we both had to use our camera controls to swoop into the Sim and make our purchases since the news of this designer’s sale had maxed the sim out.  Not only was she kind enough to allow me to take a picture w/ her, but she was also a good sport and located some pink hair!  I’m tellin’ ya — ONLY in SL!  See for yourself…

Good Taste


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