Science Olympiad Competition


I have been up to my neck in preparation for our regional Science Olympiad competition. My students have been working their fingers to the bone to build a robot, balloon launch glider, egg transport vehicle, and a catapult. They are also studying like crazy on topics like meteorology, oceanography, ecology, food science, astronomy, simple machines, anatomy and about 10 other events.

Needless to say, my students cannot afford to waste time searching for resources on Google. (Try typing in oceanography and see how many pages you get!!!!) So, what does their very resourceful teacher/coach do? Well, turn to Discovery Science Connection of course! I searched through all the explorations, integrated science simulations, science sleuths, and virtual labs and made a chart of resources for each event. The students have used the Discovery resources on a daily basis and a few have commented on how they log on at home.

Our competition is March 10th, so say a little prayer for us on that day. If there are other Science Olympiad coaches out there, feel free to use my resources chart, bridge-building-project.doc

Submitted by Emma Haygood, Science and Technology Instructor at Berrian Springs Middle School & MI DEN Leadership Council Member


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