It's a Wrap – Camera Controls

What a night!  Vicki Davis at the Discovery Webinar, DEN in SL Workshop w/ Celestia on camera controls and how to move the sun, popping outside on the deck to watch the progression of the lunar eclipse — next one not until 2010 (at least that’s what they said on NBC Nightly News)….so just popped in to write a quick post. 

Nice turn-out for the camera control workshop.  Celestia presented using voice (her first time and what a FABULOUS job she did!) and shared some basics and then went on to share some tips and tricks.  There was plenty of time for participants to practice taking some snapshots (Cel even had some cool backdrops set up in the DEN in SL HQs — hoping she’ll leave them up there for a few days) and then they all went over to the sandbox for a ‘show and tell’ session.  Oh and the surprise?  I ain’t tellin’!!!

Heard that people were missing my ‘SLip’s, so I’m gonna be back in full force w/ them.  And the first one, TOTALLY UNEXPECTED, came from Lor this evening.  As we’re waiting for the workshop to begin I had a little difficulty hearing Cel so I kept trying to get closer thinking that would help.  Lor showed me how to increase the sound (or mute them! LOL) of an avatar so I decided I’d share that info w/ you.  If you look along the bottom right you’ll see the ‘Voice’ button.  You’ll also see two little ‘cartoon character type’ voice bubbles.  If you click on them a new window (see the screen shot below) opens up w/ all those around you who have voice enabled.  Click on the avatar of your choice (I have Riptide Furse highlighted) and drag the slider to the right (or ‘mute’ if you don’t feel like listening to them) to increase the sound of their voice.  CAVEAT:  Do this incrementally!!!  I slid mine all the way to the right and the next time Cel spoke I jumped out of my chair she was that loud! 


Thanks Lor!!!


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