Playing Around at PETE and C

It was great to see lots of familiar faces and meet new ones at this year’s PETE and C.   One of my favorite moments was getting to share the stage with Lance Rougeux and Steve Dembo as we unveiled this year’s “Streaming with the Stars” presentation.

If you’re asking yourself what the heck is “Streaming with the Stars?” have no fear, just keep reading on my friend.

Earlier this year, Lance posted a blog and asked you to name your favorite Web 2.o application/site.  Lance, Steve and myself then presented the results in a tag-team format at PETE and C

“Oh right Matt, I remember that…kind of…” What is Web 2.o again?”

Well my futuristic friends:
The web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation. They are derived from the idea of reusable code that has existed for years. Nowadays other terms used to describe web widgets including: gadget, badge, module, capsule, snippet, mini and flake. Web widgets often but not always use DHTML, JavaScript, or Adobe Flash.
Wikipedia contributors, “Widget,”
Wikpedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed 12/28/2007).

If you missed the presentation – take a note from Bobby McFerin and “Don’t worry, be happy” because I have attached it to this posting.  Streaming with the Stars Presentation

Please feel free to download, edit, share, and make it yours.



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