When I’m right, I write—but…

bluraygood.gifJoe Brennan wrote me that Wal-Mart must be reading my blog. They pulled the losing format hi-def DVD players (HD DVD from Toshiba) off their shelves. I did predict the triumph of Blu-Ray when Warner Brothers jumped ship and left HD DVD for Blu. That being said, now is a great time to bottom-feed for great image ebaygraphic.pngtechnology. HD DVD decks are great technology, they just ceased being commercially successful. Making it the perfect time to buy one. A search on eBay this morning showed 9199 items for sale. And going up every hour. Yesterday, one player went for $61. That’s a lot of great image technology for the money. Why would you want a dead format player, limited to the movie/TV titles out now from the studios that supported the format? The RV, the cabin in the woods, the home of the elderly relative you visit who plays the TV too loud and only watches old movies. Watch also for retailers to start dumping their HD DVD titles, too. Get there FAST. The good oneshddvd.png will go immediately (then go back to eBay). I went through with Betamax (yes, I have one) and Laser Discs (I have two, thanks Steve Glyer). Another tip: Now that the price-depressing format war is over, the price of Blu players will go up. The features will improve with Blu 2.0 (look for online connectivity), but the prices won’t go low for awhile. So be on the lookout now for a Blu 1.1, and get them while they’re around at the old price. The expert quoted in the LA Times (Paul Erickson) agreed that Bu 1.1 is the one to look for. Of course, remember, a Blu lives in your PlayStation 3, if you have one. And remember, this only makes sense if you have a hi-definition television. Otherwise, just stick with old DVD players.


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