The Oscars Came to DEN in SL

Riptide has been itching to do another Trivia Game Gathering and even though there is one planned for March, I had this feeling that Rip wanted to do something sooner.  Well, sure enough.  In less than 24 hours, Riptide managed to gather enough questions and answers relating to movies which won the Best Pictures category.  I should have suspected something when I saw some of his posts on Twitter.  I gotta tell ya, when we put our minds to something, there ain’t nuthin’ stopping us (real or virtual!).  Not only did Riptide put together 80 trivia questions and answers, load them into the Trivia Game, but he create the perfect set for the entire affair – replete with red carpet, stantions, posters, and an Oscar or two.  As soon as I popped in and saw the red carpet I hurried off to change into something a little more appropriate for the affair.  Thonalon did the same — popped in, took one look at Rip and myself — and promptly headed off to his own virtual dressing room.  As you can see from the shots below, many of us took the ‘Red Carpet Look’ to the extreme — and we looked DAMM good!  Thonalon and Thunder were by far the leaders in their knowledge of movie trivia and some others in atttendance were impressive as well.  I got only one question correct — can’t remember the question, but the answer was ‘An American in Paris’. 

Riptide and Laelia on the Red Carpet:

Lor Making Her Red Carpet Entrance:

Oscar Trivia Event:


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