Focused Practice

Hello fellow assessment bloggers,

Florida’s statewide assessment, FCAT, starts in two weeks. We recently finished our 3rd Think Link assessment of the year (Test B), and our teachers are working to plan instruction based on this data along with the data provided by the multitude of other assessments they use. 

To add a bit of variety to our test-prep routines, and to get the students up and moving, our 3rd grade analyzed the results of the tests in Reading and Math, created and printed appropriate Practice Probes, and then placed the probes in various stations around the room.  Students armed with clipboards worked in pairs to read, discuss, and answer the questions.  After a few minutes, the pairs moved to the next station.  This generated some fantastic student talk, and the teachers were able to listen as the students verbalized their thought processes as they work through the problems.  This gave the teachers even more input for planning future instruction.