Got Blog?

If you answered “No”, or “Why would I blog?”, then it’s time you start blogging! A classroom blog is an engaging way to keep students excited about what they are learning. Blogging is also a great way for educators to establish collaborative relationships with other educators.

I have several blogs myself. Obviously, I maintain this blog for the Discovery Educator Network, but I also have a professional blog entitled Cruel Shoes, a personal blog called Lanerpalooza, and I’ve started a new blog for my high school class reunion. I find that some of my blogs are posted to less often than others (by myself AND by readers), but the experience of having a venue to voice opinions, share aha moments, or just vent, is a good thing!

There are several free blogging engines out there, but right now, you can get a free Edublog by clicking HERE. Having an Edublog establishes your blog as an educational one, whether you use it as your own professional blog or if you use it as a classroom blog. If you set one up, post a comment here so we can all start following it! Of course, if you are a STAR educator, you already have a free blog through the DEN! Just click on “Blog Dashboard” on the right of the “Blogs” page for the DEN. Whether you start using that one or get an Edublog, start blogging today!


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