7 Days, 6 Presentations

It’s been a year exactly since I did my first workshop using the American Film Institute’s “Lights! Camera! Education!” program and I marked that milestone by facilitating 4 full day sessions and 2 breakouts over the last week. From Kankakee to Bucks County, PA and back to Illinois for our own IL-TCE, educators were doing everything they could to get through that stubborn door. And for as many times as I’ve seen people through the exercise, I am continually amazed at the creativity educators bring to shot angles, the sound, and the relief. The Kankakee group took advantage of an empty building on a Saturday. The folks in PA managed to build their tension in a busy county ed center. And back in IL, both days’ film crews found plenty of inspiration in our convention center, hotel, and Mario Tricocci salon. A special thanks to those salon folks – they were great sports!
ice6.jpg We are still searching for a solution to importing video from a hard drive camera into Windows Movie Maker. I’ve seen it done once, but still can’t determine what the enchanted codec is. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
afi_sn_logo.gifSo, I’m home for a few days before heading to the MACUL conference to share some more movie makin’ magic and spend an evening with the Michigan DEN. Here’s to another year of sharing Hollywood tips! And get ready for the AFI debut of ScreenNation in the next few weeks. It will be a great site for learning and sharing.

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  1. Ray Waller said:

    I just had to share how creative students are…we are doing the Door Scene in my class. Today was part 2 with the storyboard which when they completed I did the switch between groups. The one group was using Pokemon music from their Ipod as background sound, the other group of course did not have the music to complete the storyboard directions. That’s when my student took out his cell phone, accessed the Internet, found and downloaded the Pokemon music and thus created the sound as per the storyboard.

  2. Vicki Hart said:

    We have taught this class two times to teachers in Keller ISD and they LOVE it! It was one of the best trainings that I have been to. Thanks for sharing this opportunity in Dallas! 🙂

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