Big Story–Little Package


The DEN has grown–by five months! Jannita Demian, with an assist from her husband Laurian, is preggers! Five months old, the demi-Demian will be a native Californian. This is a first for the Demian clan. They are looking for a name. The winner will get a DEN hat from Hall Davidson (who is pulling for Hall, a great old name). You can narrow the range of choices–it’s a boy. For the DEN, it means two things: We have another DEN mother and Jannita will not be traveling for the duration. Needless to say, the docs want to shelter the bun in the oven from airplane food. Post a congratulatory comment and name suggestion on the national blog if you have one. This is something the Demians have been working for! This will be an oft-video-ed baby. So let’s start now (check below). Psst: anybody want to loop it and add some music? What song would you use? – Thanks, Uncle Hall


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  1. Lee Kolbert said:

    Ok, Jannita. If you don’t like that one, I have another one for you. I think the names of the next generation of kids will take on a more Binary look, like:

    01100100 01100101 01101110

    Here’s a challenge for the DEN STARS: Can anyone figure out what that says? Come on, Guys… don’t disappoint!

  2. dave kootman said:

    It says “den?”
    Don’t forget though, we have to decode in Spanish binary for our ELL’s too 🙂

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