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Another great turnout at our Newbie Wednesday Workshop — around a dozen joined Beth as she went over the user interface and the new choices along the bottom of the window.  If you haven’t been in-world in a while, you need to be aware that the software has been updated (again!) and that there is a different look and feel to the bottom menu bar.  If you want to learn what the buttons all do, you might want to attend the next Newbie workshop offered next month (stay tuned to this blog for the dates).  I learned a thing or do (but I always do with Beth).

Some of the participants were interested in knowing more about shopping.  At the last Wednesday Workshop where I presented the Inventory workshop, I shared with the group a notecard entitled, ‘How to Purchase and Open Boxes’.  I’ve made this same notecard available as both a MS Word and rft document in the ^Files^ section of the Google Groups for the DEN in SL (  If you have not yet done so, I would STRONGLY urge that you join this group so that you are kept posted on all the discussions and documents that are available to you to make your experiences in SL a more enjoyable one.

I’ve promised to bring back the SLips (Second Life Tips) and so here’s we go:


I’m dealing w/ some hair issues with some of the new avatars so I thought I’d address that very quickly here.  Mind you, I’m coming at this from a female perspective (though I would imagine the directions are applicable to male avatars as well).  Most hair that is purchased in SL will come in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large).  Have you ever attached a hair style only to find it making you look like you’re wearing ‘helmet hair’ or it’s so tight on your skull that you can actually feel it squeezing?  Heres’ the reason why:  The sizes are universal in SL (that’s the good part!) and for hair to fit correctly designers assume certain head configurations.  If you right-click on your avatar and select ^Appearance^ from the pie (some call it the ‘radial’, but I find that too time-consuming to type and inevitably reverse the ‘a’ and the ‘i’ and then need to fix it, so in this blog it’ll be referred to as ‘pie’! LOL).  Click on the ^Head^ tab.  You should have the following sizes for the following hair styles:

Small – Head Size = 35; Head = 35; Stretch Head Shape = 35

Medium – Head Size = 50; Head = 50; Stretch Head Shape = 50

Large – Head Size = 75; Head = 75; Stretch Head Shape = 75

If your hair still doesn’t fit quite right, simply right-click on the hair and select ^Edit^.  You can adjust the hair using the arrows.  When it’s just right (unlike RL) close the ^Edit^ window, right-click on the hair, select ^Detach^.  This saves what you’ve done.  The next time you ^Wear^ the hair it will fit perfectly (as long as you haven’t changed your head parameters in the appearance window).

BTW, Sirena Hair (West Sunset, 160, 50, 22) has free pose stands — these freeze your avatar in a fixed position lined up with the compass points.  You can easily adjust your hair (or other attachments for that matter).  And while you’re there pick up some hair styles — Natalia has some fabulous styles for both men and women and offers some of the BEST customer service in SL that I’ve seen.


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  1. Julia Colby said:

    Thanks so much for all the great tips. Very helpful. I will print and put in my SL file and pull it out when I go shopping for more hair.

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