PETE&C DEN Pre-Conference: Mea Culpa

After much stressing with my web cam videos of the sessions at DENs Pre-Conference event, I discovered why I had video sans sound, and it was my fault. I know better, but I forgot to change the sound platform in the control panel. Consequently, I have no videos to upload of the great event, and let me tell you, I will never make this mistake again. What I do have are some great blogs and resources from Jennifer Dorman, so here they are:

The Whole World in Kids’ Hands — Julia Tebbets, Sewickley Academy

PETE&C Presentations — Jennifer Dorman

Learning to Speak Native — Steve Dembo’s Keynote Address

Administrator 2.0 Academy — Bridget Belardi and Chris Stengel

A Positive Solution to School Copyright Issues — Dr. Scott Garrigan

The Digital Generation Grows Up — David Pogue’s Keynote Address

Jennifer Dorman’s PETE&C 2008 Pre-/Conference Materials

A very special thank you to Jennifer for her presentations both at DENs Pre-Conference, PETE&C, and live and reflective blogging.


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